Network Operating Systems
The Windows Server Family provides a solid foundation for all of your server workload and application requirements while being easy to deploy and manage. New virtualization tools, Web resources, management enhancements, and exciting Windows 7 integration help save time, reduce costs, and provide a platform for a dynamic and efficiently managed data center. 

SQL Database
Microsoft SQL Server delivers an industry-proven information management platform that helps organizations harness the power of exploding data volumes. The range of database solutions cover high value, low TCO solutions for high-end transaction processing, massive data warehousing, and scalable business intelligence across software, appliances, and cloud offerings.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is driving the transformation of the IT industry across the entire stack, offering dramatic improvements in business agility, operational efficiency and IT maturity with significant cost savings.

Business ProductivityMicrosoft business productivity infrastructure simplifies the way your people communicate, share expertise, gain business insight, and find information. It amplifies the impact of your people by delivering powerful experiences across the PC, phone, and browser.

Resources for CIOs
Microsoft works with our customers and partners to design, build, and support mission critical solutions that create business value and foster innovation. After all, it’s not products that enable a mission critical enterprise—it’s a combination of people, process, and technology.

Desktop Operating Systems
From ultra-light to ultra-powerful, Microsoft’s hardware partners are driving the latest innovations into a new generation of PCs running Windows 7, pushing personal-computing boundaries to their limits. Top-flight microprocessors; slim solid-state drives; advanced security features, such as Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and fingerprint recognition; expanded memory; and long battery life — all enable Windows PCs to work with speed and reliability. Features such as 1080p HD touchscreens and built-in webcams make it easier than ever to connect to the people and things that you love. And powerful GPU acceleration maximizes your Web experience with the HTML5 capabilities of Internet Explorer 9.

Ready to go, right out of the box, Windows PCs support everyday tasks at home, at the office or on the go and come in a diverse range of form factors, sizes and colors designed for a variety of lifestyles and budgets. With so much variety and flexibility, there’s a Windows PC for just about every personal style and requirement, whether for work or play.

Windows 7 has enjoyed incredible momentum, with more than 400 million licenses sold in less than two years, enabling unparalleled PC simplicity, choice and value. Take a closer look at the diversity of Windows PCs available today.

PCs are familiar
The computer that's easiest to use is typically the one you already know how to use. While some may say Macs are easy, the reality is that they can come with a learning curve. PCs running Windows 7 look and work more like the computers you're familiar with, so you can get up and running quickly.

Working smoothly
When you use a PC, everyday things like your mouse and keyboard shortcuts work the way you expect.

Working simpler
Windows 7 was designed to make everyday tasks simpler with features that the Mac doesn't have. For example, the new Snap feature makes it drag-and-drop easy to view two documents side by side.

Working hands on
Sometimes the most natural way to use your computer screen is to touch it. And sometimes a real keyboard and mouse are hard to beat. If you get a PC, you don’t have to choose. PCs running Windows 7 support Touch, so you can effortlessly move between typing and touching to create documents, browse the web, read papers, and shuffle through files and folders. (Of course, you can still use a mouse, too.) Speaking of fingers, PCs with a fingerprint reader even let you log in with just a swipe of your finger.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work—at the office, at home, or at school.

Create standout reports and presentations with tools that help you capture your ideas more creatively. Stay connected to your projects, even when you’re away from your computer, with access to Office files via Web browser or Windows phone. Work efficiently with others by sharing, editing, and reviewing files at the same time—even across geographies and time zones.

With Office, you’re in control, getting things done and producing amazing results however and wherever you work best.

Boost your productivity with easy-to-use tools
Enhancements in Office help you accomplish your work more intuitively, so you can focus on the task at hand and produce better results.

Office simplifies how you find and use features. The new Microsoft Office Backstage™ view replaces the traditional File menu to give you centralized and easy access to operations such as save, share, print, and publish. With the improved Ribbon, you can access more commands quickly and customize it to fit your work style.

Use the new Paste with Live Preview feature, available in many Office applications, to preview your Paste Options before you paste.

Store, organize, and track information in one place to stay connected to all of your thoughts and ideas with OneNote. Enhanced navigation, search tools, new page versions, and wiki linking help you find and track your resources quickly. You can even take notes while working in Word, PowerPoint, or Internet Explorer, and link those notes automatically back to the source content.

Find what you need faster with the improved Navigation Pane in Word. Quickly browse by headings or use the integrated Find tools to instantly search your document with all of your results highlighted.



Securing and Managing an Information-Driven World
Customers of all sizes are faced with one essential challenge: the need to secure and manage an enormous amount of information. We all live and work in an information-driven world. Information is the lifeblood of modern business and, increasingly, of modern life. Each year, the amount of information we create increases exponentially and securing and managing our information-driven world becomes even more important and challenging. Customers are increasingly concerned about how to secure and manage their increasing amounts of information – from digital photos to business critical data.

Securing and managing all this information is a tough job.

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help our customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – secure and manage their information against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. Our company’s unique focus is to eliminate risks to information, technology and processes independent of the device, platform, interaction or location.

Positioned for Growth
In our core businesses – consumer, endpoint security, storage management and backup – we utilize our market leadership positions to accelerate new growth opportunities. As the industry matures, we pair new technologies with our core solutions to deliver integrated solutions that address evolving customer needs.

As the threat landscape evolves and customers shift to adapt to new technologies and technology consumption, we are investing in future growth areas such as mobile, virtualization and SaaS that will help to reduce cost and complexity for our customers. Symantec leverages internal R&D, acquisitions and partnerships to accelerate our long-term strategy.

Protect completely
With Symantec, customers can protect more of their information and its technology infrastructure, in greater depth, wherever information is stored or used. From securing a consumer’s online identity and interactions to protecting an organization’s mission-critical data, Symantec offers the leading and best-of-breed security, backup and recovery, data availability and data loss prevention products.

Manage easily
As a platform-independent software company without bias to an individual operating system or hardware environment, Symantec helps customers manage more technologies with greater efficiency, on more platforms – even in virtual environments – than any other company. With multi-platform software and a worldwide delivery and support infrastructure, Symantec helps customers optimize technology investments throughout their lifetimes.

Control automatically
With the most comprehensive portfolio of security and management software, Symantec helps customers control more processes, automatically, whether on the home PC or in the corporate data center. From the market leading all-in-one Norton security products to an integrated enterprise software portfolio, Symantec helps standardize and automate the way people and organizations enforce policies — from online safety to company-wide IT compliance.

Global Perspective. Global Leadership.
Since its inception in 1982, Symantec has grown into a Fortune 500 company through a combination of internal development, strategic acquisition and partnering with industry leaders. At every step in the company’s growth we have expanded both our technological expertise and our understanding of customer needs. Our ability to successfully integrate internally developed with technologies we acquire has kept Symantec at the front of its industry and enabled us to provide best-of-breed solutions for millions of corporate and individual customers in more than 50 countries. It is what has earned the company almost every major technology award and top-tier rankings from industry analysts.


veeam logo

Veeam Backup & ReplicationVirtualization-powered data protectionVirtualizing your servers to reduce cost is the first step. Next, you need to ensure VMs are protected and your disaster recovery strategies are intact. However, without a solution specifically built to leverage this disruptive technology, IT is forced to use backup tools built for the physical world.

Built for virtualization: Veeam Backup & ReplicationVeeam Backup & Replication provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Unifying backup and replication in a single solution and leveraging virtualization to its fullest, Veeam Backup & Replication enhances data protection and disaster recovery for more than 25,000 customers and protects more than 2,000,000 virtual machines (VMs) across the globe.

Veeam ONE ОNE solution for VMware management Veeam ONE™ is a single solution for powerful and easy-to-use VMware management. It provides complete visibility of your virtual infrastructure and affordably delivers the capabilities that matter most to VMware administrators. Many challenges As server virtualization has matured, so has the need for effective management of the virtual environment.

  • Virtual machines now support mission-critical production workloads.
  • IT must document utilization and the business value of virtualization to multiple constituencies, from IT management to executives.
  • Resources must be allocated efficiently, and VM sprawl must be brought under control.

Veeam Software addresses these challenges and more with Veeam ONE, a comprehensive and affordable solution that provides complete visibility of your VMware environment.

Veeam Product Suites
Veeam understands that small and remote office VMware deployments need reliable, cost-effective management tools that are packed with innovative features at an affordable price. That's why we offer the Veeam Essentials bundle - the perfect companion to VMware vSphere Essentials that includes our most popular products for small and midsize business (SMB) at a 62% savings.

With VMware vSphere Essentials and Veeam Essentials, you can deploy, manage, and protect an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure at an affordable price. The powerful combination addresses the needs of IT organizations in SMBs to provide:

  • Enterprise-class capabilities on a budget
  • Streamlined deployment and operations
  • High value at a low price

What’s inside?

Veeam Essentials includes five products to support your business needs and effectively manage your VMware environment:

  • Veeam Backup & Replication leverages VMware vSphere technology to provide fast, flexible, affordable and reliable data protection for all your VMs.
  • Veeam Reporter™ allows you to automate documentation, track changes, identify under - or over-utilized resources, and restore configuration settings, providing the detailed reports you need to control your virtual environment.
  • Veeam Monitor™ provides 24x7 monitoring and alerting and a comprehensive, performance-oriented view of your virtual infrastructure that complements vCenter Server.
  • Veeam Business View™ works with other Veeam products to provide business categorization of your VMware environment, with the ability to group, view and manage VMs by business unit, department, location, service level, or any criteria you define.
  • Veeam FastSCP provide a fast, secure and easy way to manage files and bulk copy VMs across your VMware ESX(i) environment, including copying files from ESX(i) to Windows, from Windows to ESX(i), and directly from ESX(i) to ESX(i).

Veeam Essentials is exclusively for customers using VMware vSphere Essentials and includes 6 CPU sockets of each product in the bundle. (The Veeam Management is available for customers using other vSphere offering from VMware).

There are two editions of Veeam Essentials: Veeam Essentials and Veeam Essentials Plus. Veeam Essentials Plus includes the Enterprise Edition of Veeam Backup & Replication, while Veeam Essentials includes Standard Edition. You can use either edition of Veeam Essentials with either edition of VMware vSphere Essentials—the editions don’t have to match. For example, you can use Veeam Essentials Plus with VMware vSphere Essentials or VMware vSphere Essentials Plus.

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